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Trinidad and Tobago Waterfalls

Eco-tourism has been growing more and more popular and Trinidad and Tobago are the ideal islands to find untouched nature showing off her tremendous bio-diversity. Both islands have a number of beautiful waterfalls which are accessible to the public. You might have to do a bit of a rain forest hike to reach to the falls – however, most of these natural showers are within easy reach for people with a normal fitness level. There is nothing more refreshing than coming across one of the Trinidad and Tobago waterfalls during a rainforest hike. A number of waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago empty into a natural pool and, since the weather in Trinidad and Tobago is warm all year round; there is nothing more enjoyable than a bath in a freshwater pool in the middle of the rain forest.

waterfalls in the caribbean

Among the most beautiful waterfalls in Tobago are the Argyle Waterfalls and the Rainbow Waterfalls. The Argyle Waterfalls are the tallest on Tobago and stretch some 175 feet cascading into a pool. The Argyle Waterfalls can be found on the island’s east coast. The hike to the waterfall takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, and the deep pools at the base of the falls are in inviting for a cool bath. The Rainbow Waterfalls can also be accessed from the Windward Road. The Waterfalls, which can be reached after a twenty minute hike through the forest, will reward you for your effort. More or less untouched and mainly know to local people are the Castara Waterfall and the Parlatuvier Waterfall, which are on The Caribbean Coast of Tobago. The Paria Falls in Trinidad are near the town of Brasso Seco. To get to them, head to the village of Blanchisseuse where you will also find a fantastic beach. From Blanchisseuse it might take between one and two hours, depending on your speed, to get to the Paria Bay, from where the waterfalls can be reached in a short walk. Trinidad and Tobago are home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls within the Caribbean.

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