Glass Bottom Boat Tours 

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Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Snorkeling at Buccoo reef and swimming in the nylon pool is a thrill you have to experience for yourself. Swim with the Parrot fish, Pudding wife and the beautiful French angel, in the shallow waters of Buccoo Reef. Drift over the coral garden take photos of the waving gorgonians the brain coral tube sponge or pillar coral.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Captain who can take you to the right places to experience the wonderful world beneath the sea. You will have a better understanding of the delicate balance of the reef fragile eco system. Hews-Tours is the choice of hundreds of visitors every year. Our team is dedicated to offering the best prices and service on Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

Every morning we depart from Pigeon Point Gate at 11.30 am to visit this National Marine Park for some snorkeling among these tropical beauties. With the clear waters of Buccoo reef you can see the brilliant colours of the blue striped Grunt French angel and the parrot fish.

For Beginners

Our helpful Captain Anthony Jones take great delight in helping beginners fit their mask and snorkel before entering the water. Join the crew for a snorkeling trip to Buccoo Reef. Enjoy snorkeling in waist deep water among tropical multi-colour fishes. Swim in the sparkling turquoise water of Nylon Pool. View the many variety of coral and fishes from the glass bottom boat as we travel over the Coral Garden.  



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